Course Open- Currently 9 holes on temporary greens due to snow/ice (updated 18 January at 07:40)

Following the recent incident where a dog was injured whilst it was believed to be on the public footpath, it has become clear that many people do not realise what is the public footpath and what is not.

The maps attached show the route of the footpath. They also show that there is only one footpath that runs through the course and that the concrete road area leading off Buttercup Lane beyond the open gate is NOT a designated public footpath. The footpath (KEN 10/10) runs from the stile through the trees to the opening onto the golf course itself. It continues past the clubhouse and on towards the top of the course to join another path (KEN 18/10) which leads onto the Whipsnade Road.

Plans showing what is public footpath through the course