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Reciprocal Golf

Reciprocal Golf Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire

Reciprocal Golf – Bedfordshire

Golf Club / Website Telephone
Bedford & County 01234 352617
Buckingham 01280 815566
Millbrook 01525 840252
St Neots 01480 472363
Bedfordshire 01234 822555
South Beds 01582 591500

The Rules

  1. No fee will be levied, unless applied at the home club, and then parity will be applied. Currently Dunstable Downs charge £15.00.
  2. Arrangements for reciprocal golf cannot be made more than one month in advance.
  3. This reciprocal arrangement applies only to adult male and female members, with a current CONGU handicap and will only be available in accordance with their membership category, i.e. 5 day members will NOT be permitted to participate in reciprocal golf at weekends. . This scheme is not available for any member paying the junior or student rates.
  4. Visitors wishing to book a reciprocal round as part of a society or corporate day at any of the six clubs will be refused permission to do so.

Dunstable Downs Members

  1. Must initially telephone the club they wish to visit themselves and ascertain availability. You will not be able to play before 10.00am weekdays or 15.00hrs at weekends nor will more than 8 members at a time be eligible.
  2. Must obtain a letter of introduction from the office or the ‘Director of Golf ‘which must be presented when arriving at the host club. Failure to present the letter will mean you are not eligible to receive courtesy via these arrangements.
  3. Must obey all the host club rules.

Visitors to Dunstable Downs

  1. Will be permitted to play weekdays after 10.00hrs and weekends after 15.00hrs, subject to course availability.
  2. Must have phoned before the visit to ascertain availability.
  3. Must bring a letter of introduction from their home club. This should state the handicaps of all the visitors.
  4. Will NOT be afforded courtesy unless they have pre-booked and have a letter of introduction from their home club.
  5. Will be honorary members of Dunstable Downs Golf Club for the day and will be welcome to use our facilities and will be expected to obey all Club rules.
  6. No more than 8 players per day from a single club will be accepted and there will be no more than 6 x 4 ball slots available per day to support the reciprocal scheme.
  7. Dress rules of Dunstable Downs Golf Club must be strictly adhered to and the club reserves the right to restrict entry to the course to any player not properly dressed.

Reciprocal Golf – Hertfordshire

Golf Club / Website Telephone
Brickendon Grange 01992 511258
Brookmans Park 01707 652020
East Herts 01920 821978
Harpenden 01582 712580
Knebworth 01438 812757
Letchworth 01462 683203
Mid Herts 01582 832242
Old Fold Manor 020844 09185
Verulam 01727 853327
Welwyn Garden City 01707 325243
Buckingham Golf Club

Enjoy Reciprocal Golf at Buckingham Golf Club

Agreement has been reached with all these golf clubs to offer members reciprocal green fees at a rate of £25.00. This is subject to certain criteria as explained below.

  1. Members seeking to use the arrangement must :-
    a) Contact the General Manager’s Office in the first instance giving 48 hours notice, indicating the Course to be visited, mumbers of players and their names and the preferred time. The Office will contact the other club to ascertain if the course to be visited is available and, where appropritate, obtaining a tee time.
    b) On arrival the players should report to the Pro Shop.
  2. The arrangement applies mid-week only, but not Bank Holidays.
  3. Subject to 1b above, play is acceptable in 2,3 or 4 balls.

This arrangement is a facility only for members of these Clubs and no attempt should be made to introduce others. Misuse could result in discontinuance. Members are asked to familiarise themselves with the dress code and other rules applicable at the Club to be visited.

Brickendon Grange

The 17th at Brickendon Grange “Ace of Herts” renowned as one of the best golf holes in Hertfordshire